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Connected World IoT Innovations 2017

Connected World

IoT Innovations 2017: A New Breed of Products


From construction, to healthcare, to retail, and every vertical in between, the IoT (Internet of Things) is changing how business is done.

In fact, IDC recently forecasted that global IoT spending will reach $1.29 trillion in 2020—and anticipates this growth will be led by manufacturing, transportation, and utilities. However, finding the right solution can be challenging.

This is where the IoT Innovations comes into the equation. Each year, Connected World honors new innovations and recognizes the products that are helping change the industry.

The editorial advisory board and the judges at Connected World evaluated products based on a number of criteria to identify the newest, most creative, and technologically advanced products, services, and platforms on the market.

This year, there were dozens of entries, but only six that stood out as truly innovative in the market today. Please join us in honoring the Connected World IoT Innovations for 2017.


Food that doesn’t make it to the table doesn’t have go to waste thanks to Emerson’s IoT-enabled solution, Grind2Energy. Grind2Energy processes food scraps from supermarkets, hotels, casinos, sports arenas, and other high-volume offenders into “liquid slurry” that is pumped into onsite holding tanks and monitored remotely by Emerson. When it’s time, the slurry is transported to local anaerobic digestion facilities that convert this unavoidable food waste into clean water and renewable energy in the form of electricity, heat, or compressed natural gas.

Emerson teamed up with AT&T by leveraging the carrier’s global SIM (subscriber identity module) and IoT solutions to provide customers with near-realtime visibility into food loss that can be used to optimize operations and manage avoidable food waste. The IoT-enabled solution not only provides data storage for historic tank levels, water pressure data, and other information, it also allows Emerson to provide performance data reporting, data analytics, and predictive maintenance to its customers.

“Grind2Energy is a perfect example of how IoT-enabled solutions will help transform the way humans live. By creating something valuable, like clean water and renewable energy, from discarded waste, and by using the IoT to manage these processes, we’re creating a better world for our grandchildren.”
—Peggy Smedley

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