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How Sendik's Turns Food Waste Into Energy

How Sendik's Turns Food Waste Into Energy

Interesting piece in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel about how Sendik's there is using grinding systems that turn food scraps into energy at 11 of its 12 stores.

According to the story, "Sendik's has been shipping food scraps to be used as compost in recent years, but the new systems is able to accommodate food waste beyond produce. That includes grease from cooking meat and leftover items from Sendik's delis that can't be composted ... The ground and liquefied food waste stored in tanks at each store is then trucked to the Potawatomi Hotel & Casino complex, where the waste-to-energy project the tribe opened in 2013 stands just west of the hotel on Canal St."

At Sendik's, the Sentinel writes, "the company expects to eliminate the equivalent of 4.7 million car miles worth of greenhouse gas emissions through the waste to energy process. The food waste is expected to generate enough natural gas to heat 1,500 homes for a month, and create more than 407,000 pounds of fertilizer."

The story goes on to say that "some chains elsewhere are moving even further, as more states ban organic waste from landfills. In Massachusetts, the grocery chain Stop & Shop is building its own power plant to turn food waste into electricity."

The systems being used by Sendik's are designed by InSinkerator's Grind2Energy division.

KC's View: I love this. More and more, I think, companies will be judged by their shoppers based on their willingness to embrace initiatives like this one.

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